About TWI Institut Skandinavien

Your resource for TWI implementation, training, certification, coaching and networking. TWI programs will ensure you a healthy organizational development and improved process management, we offer business advice from strat to finish in your TWI Implementation.


Our focus is to support you in creating and maintaining a highly skilled workforce to enhance your safety, quality, delivery and lower your costs. We have headquarters in Kolding, Denmark – but operate in the whole Scandinavia with our customers. We believe that that the TWI programs is a strong foundation for the needed organizational development, that is needed in todays marked.

Our Vision

To live out the full potential of the Training Within Industry (TWI) for our customers, and we continue to be the preferred partner in TWI implementation, trainer certification, training and networking in all industries in Scandinavia.

Our Mission

To create excellent business and work environment for our customers - by developing their *supervisor with the TWI Institute's TWI programs.

*) A supervisor is a person supervising employees or directs the work of others. This could be a manager, group leader, team leader, task manager, project manager, coordinator, job trainer, quality coordinator, safety officer, etc..

Link to Business Through People

TWI Institute Scandinavia is a Business Through People company – Which is a consulting firm that works with change at the individual, team and organizational level through advice, training and dynamic coaching.