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Why should we work with TWI? We're working with Lean?

Why should we work with TWI? We're working with Lean?

In this 2 minute short video, you can see why different companies and hospitals believe that TWI, is the missing link in their Lean work - Too many work with Lean, but do not get the results out of Lean, what are they missing? Why is it that about 85% of all lean projects fail, according to a SHINGO analysis?

In the video you will hear comments from:

  • Scott Curtis, CEO, TWI Institute (USA)
  • Cheryllynn Waymack, Laboratory Supervisor, Wirginia Mason Medical Center
  • Dennis Bradberg, Production Manager, Post Danmark
  • Denis Becker, World-wide Operations Excellence Manager, Gemalto
  • Art Smalley, Lean Consultant, Art of Lean & Lean Leadership Academy

Where can I start?

A good place to learn more about TWI (Training Within Industry) is the TWI Summit Europe held in Malmo Sweden the 17th and 18th of November. Here, among other things Patrick Graupp Senior TWI Master Trainer, from TWI Institute in the United States will join us. Patrick Graupp is co-author of many TWI books e.g. The TWI Workbook, Implementing TWI Getting to Standard Work in Healthcare, Building a Global Learning Organization. He is today the most experienced TWI teacher who has extensive global experience in many different types of industries.

TWI Institute Scandinavia

At TWI Institute Scandinavia, we are certified TWI trainers from the the TWI Institute in the US, this certification is achieved through a long learning process, and now maintained by delivering good results. These are measured directly by the feedback from the participants, but also the subsequent results that our customers experience when the methods translated into daily business. The improvements are seen in the form of less variance in the work carried out; within safety, quality and delivery. This is achieved through relations-building, knowledge sharing and skill development. A significant benefit is that many companies are experiencing a more appreciated working environment and to their process improvement work is more value adding. 

We can also come out to your site to give a halfday or full day TWI introduction workshop or you can sign up for one of the open TWI Introduction workshops, we organize in cooperation with Please contact us for more information on this, further around the TWI programs or what problems the methods can solve for you.

Contact information to TWI Institute Scandinavia is found here:

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