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Here you can see different videos about TWI, it is a mix of conference speeches and interviews. Some of them are of company case studies and other ones by specelist. You can either scroll just below or find a specific video on the right.

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A introduction to the TWI J Programs, with Patrick Graupp and Scott Curtis

This video was recorded at the annual European TWI Conferences, concrete was this Conference in June 2013, which was held at the Hotel LEGO land in Billund, Denmark.

I this video Patrick Graupp, Senior Master Trainer, TWI Institute (US) and Scott Curtis, Director, TWI Institute (USA) gives an introduction to TWI programs.

They show and tell, about the TWI story and how this TWI helps to create a positive, collaborative working environment. You learn how operators can be trained to do a job correct , safely and conscientiously, and why TWI JI method has been a cornerstone of standardized work at Toyota since 1951st

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